​1.       I have a general tech/service question. Where do I go?

You have two options. 1) You may visit our online self-service portal at 3help.ucsd.edu > Create Request > Service Request > General Request. 2) Email Service Desk at 3help@health.ucsd.edu

2.       I have data storage needs for my specialized research project. What are my options?

To submit a request for storage, please submit a general request indicating the space required. Visit our online self-service portal at 3help.ucsd.edu > Create Request > Service Request > General Request

3.       Is OneDrive and MS Teams a HIPAA compliant storage solution?

    Yes! For more information, please visit our specialized site here (requires login). 

4.       I'm interested in getting Qualtrics survey stood up. How do I accomplish that?

Please visit our Qualtrics site to learn about this tool, get training and guidance.

5.       I need a new computer/laptop/printer. Where do I go?

Health Information Services fully supports devices purchased through our system. For that reason, we highly recommend purchasing your devices through Health Information Services. We negotiate the best products at the best possible price for our organization. To do so, visit us at 3help.ucsd.edu > Create Request > Order Equipment > Equipment Order. To view our current computing equipment with images, please visit us here.

6.       I have an urgent Audio/Video need. What should I do?

For fastest service, please call our Service Desk at x34357 (619-543-4357, externally) and advise the analyst that your need is urgent. An Audio/Video analyst will be dispatched to your location.

7.       I need a server for a project. Where can I get help with this?

To request a new server build, please use our Technology Request Form located here.  Locate the Network and Server Requests space and select, "Technology Request." Please ensure you include:

  • Server Type (Windows/Linux)
  • Amount of memory (RAM)
  • Number of cores (Dual core, quad core etc)
  • HD Storage (i.e. 500 GB etc)
  • Brief description of case use for optimization purposes

8.       What is a managed device?

Learn what the differences are between managed and un-managed devices here.