Managed Device Procurement for Professional Schools

Primary Recommendation

Information Services highly recommends that you go through the IS Equipment Catalog to address your computing needs. To see our list of standard hardware please visit our Equipment Catalog in ServiceNow here (note that ServiceNow requires AD login). Please visit our ITSS web page here to visit our expanded hardware list.

Secondary Recommendation

Information Services secondarily suggests purchasing your computing equipment through the UCSD Bookstore using a chart string.

Method of Payments

If you wish to buy a device that qualifies for full IS support, please ensure purchase Apple devices using University funds only (please see the next item for details). If you are purchasing Windows devices and want them professionally managed by Information Services, please purchase through our Equipment Catalog (link above). 

Please refrain from making any purchase using a mix of personal funds and University funds.

The IS Equipment Catalog only accepts a chart string index as a method of payment.

What about 3rd party Vendors like Microsoft, Apple, BestBuy etc?

Regarding Apple devices specifically, visit our News site regarding our new opt-in approach to managed macOS devices.

The IS Equipment Catalog nor the Bookstore offers what I need

Information Services is confident that our wide range of offerings will cover most of the basic needs of the standard and advanced computer users. For those who have different needs than our current offerings, we are pleased to inform you that the IS Equipment Catalog has a section for non-standard device orders. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will furnish you a quote so that your device can remain managed by Information services.

I don't know what to buy

If you need help deciding on a device, please feel free to submit a General Request asking for a consult and a member of Field Services will be glad to discuss your options for you.