Preferred Purchasing Program

​Health Information Services maintains a simplified set of Standardized hardware offerings, however, we also realize that these solutions may not meet 100% of our customers specifications/needs. For this reason we have alternative options in which to obtain the right hardware that meets your needs as well, reducing Risk and maintaining Security standards.

Standardized Offerings​

In order to move forward with procurement of Standardized Offerings or Devices from the Preferred Purchasing Program, please utilize our  Equipment Ordering Catalog at

Non-Standardized Offerings

For devices not listed in the catalog, please utilize the "Non-Standard" selection to identify the device you are interested in Procuring. If you do not know what device will meet your needs you can also use the "Non-Standard" selection to provide the specifications or requirements you have, and we will be happy to provide a consultation and help Identify the product that meets your needs.

If you are procuring devices outside of the preferred models listed below, or outside of the Health Information Services procurement process (Vendor Direct, Website, Consumer Retail, etc…) we can only offer Best Effort Support. We highly recommend Faculty and Staff that do utilize walk-in procurement at the UC San Diego Bookstore only use UC Health Managed Chart String.

Preferred Models

The following Manufacturers and Business Class products have been selected as they meet minimum requirements as governed within UCOP Policy: BFB-IS-3 Electronic Information Security and additionally providing Enterprise Level device management solutions, allowing our teams to properly set-up, secure, and manage the device.


Device Type Cost Efficient Mid-Class Performance Light Weight
Desktop Vostro Optiplex Precision, XPS-



Device Type Cost Efficient Mid-Class Performance Light Weight
MacBook Pro 13"
MacBook Pro 16"
MacBook Air
Desktop Mac Mini iMac Mac Pro-


Device Type Cost Efficient Mid-Class Performance Light Weight
Laptop Probook EliteBook Zbook Elite
Z Series


Device Type Cost Efficient Mid-Class Performance Light Weight
Surface Laptop Go
Surface Laptop, Surface ProSurface BookSurface Go
Desktop --
Surface Studio-