Cloud Collab FAQs

How Can I Access the Office 365 Online Applications

Access the Office 365 online login portal and use your account to log in. 

​Are the applications being launched for Cloud Collaboration safe for PHI?

Yes. The applications have proper protections in place to store PHI. You still need to follow UCSD policies regarding the storing and sharing of protected health information. 

Why can’t I find files, chats, or Teams that I previously had access to? 

Ensure you are signed in with your account. You may be signed in with your account and the applications on campus store data separately from your account. 

Can more than one person edit a file at a time? 

Yes. The Online Cloud Collaboration Applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote all allow more than one individual to edit a file simultaneously. In addition, Applications support version control. 

Can I invite individuals outside of Health or the UCSD campus to Teams meetings? 

Yes. You can invite them as guests to attend Teams meetings.  

What’s the difference between Private and Public Teams? 

Public teams mean anyone in the organization can see the Team and join it without getting approval from the Team owner. Also, files stored here may be visible in other Office 365 applications to everyone. 

Private teams require people to be invited before they can join a Team. All files stored here are only viewable to those that have been given permission to join the Team. It is strongly suggested that Teams created be Private. 

What's the difference between a team and a channel? 

A team is a group of people gathered together. It could be for a particular project or it could be a departmental team.  

Teams are made up of channels, which are the conversations you have with your teammates. Each channel is dedicated to a specific topic, department, or project. 

Channels are where text, audio, and video conversations open to the whole team happen, where files are and shared. 

While channel conversations are visible to everyone added to it, chats are just between you and someone else (or a group of people). Think of them like instant messages in Skype for Business. 

How do I download and install Microsoft Office for my personal computer? 

See these instructions. Please note, only Health Sciences and Medical Center employees and students are eligible to download and install Microsoft Office. 

How do I download and install Adobe Acrobat for my personal computer? 

See these instructions.