Server & Hosting Services

​Our team provides support, maintenance and troubleshooting of the virtual server infrastructure, load balancing, file hosting, select Active Directory responsibilities and email services.  Automated patch management is included and highly recommended for virtual servers.   

Features: The Server Team can host your file shares, email accounts in Office 365, and provide servers for you (and your vendor, if applicable) to run your applications and meet your computing needs. An application owner to maintain the services and patching of the server and services if automated patch management is not in place is required.

Service Owner: Fred Poulsen, Manager

Request Process: To request a file share, please attach this form to a General Service Request.  We will need to know what kind of data is being hosted, who will be the primary and secondary contacts for the share and how much storage is required. 
If the application you wish to host has not gone through a security review, please contact Information Security first. Once the application is approved, please submit a General Request while our detailed on-line form is being built. 
If you wish to stand up a server for a project, please submit your General Request form while our specific on-line form is being built. Please include as many specific configuration details as you can. We will reach out to you should we have any questions regarding your request.  

How do I user the service?
Please visit our online self-service portal at or email your request to