​1. Something is wrong with my computer. What should I do?

Before you do anything, save your work and restart your computer.

If your computer is:​

  • Non-IS Managed: Information Services offers best effort and does not guarantee a solution. Our scope of service for non-university owned computers is limited to work issued software/programs such as email. For challenges outside of our scope, we recommend 3rd party support. Information Services does not recommend or endorse any particular vendor.
  • IS Managed: Information Services offers full-support (Hardware, software, OS, on-site & remote support)
  • To get support:
  • Call our Service Desk at (619) 543-4357
  • Email Service Desk at
  • Self-service ticketing: online portal at
2.       I need to acquire and install certain software on my IS managed computer. How do I do this?

Information Services offers prepackaged enterprise level software for all of our managed computers. Standard software included in managed computers include: Office 365, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Zoom, MS Teams, Snagit 2021, EndNote 20, 7-zip and more. Additional software available for purchase can be located at (Matlab, SAS, ChemOffice etc).

How do I get purchased software installed?

Once you have acquired your software license, please submit a Workstation Enhancement form. Under the "Additional Information" section, please confirm that you have purchased and currently have your license on hand. Ensure you have your chart string information because the form requires it. Most department admins will know or know how to get a chart string.   Please DO NOT use another request type for this action. 

*Important Notice Regarding Software Installations*

All software is reviewed using established guidelines to determine whether Information Security needs to further evaluate. If it is determined that it does need further review, you will be advised. For this reason, we high recommend you check with us prior to purchase.

3.       I'm having network connectivity (whether wired or wireless) issues. Who do I call?

If you are at one of our Professional Schools physical locations, please contact our IT Service Desk Campus colleagues at 858-246-4357. If you are located at one of Medical Centers or a Medical Center satellite office, please contact the IS Service Desk at 619-543-4357. Desktop phones follow the same pattern. Hint: If the desk phone begins with an even number (2, 4, 6, 8) it is most likely a Campus supported phone; desk phones beginning with an odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) number are most likely IS supported. 

4.       Where do I get information regarding VPN?

DUO 2-Factor Authentication

Campus and Health Sciences have separate instances of DUO and is required to use VPN for Health Sciences. It is recommended that you register your device for both organizations.

5.       How do I identify a IS managed computer and one that is not?

IS Managed Devices

If you are a Windows user

99% of our managed Windows devices will have our UC San Diego Health wallpaper prominently placed on the right side of your screen. 

If you are a Mac user

Go to the Apple Finder > Applications >, if you see the UC San Diego Health logo labeled "Self Service," (it is an icon) then it is a managed device. If you don't see it, it is not a managed device.

How Information Services Support Works

To help you understand the work behind your service, we've answered some of the most pressing questions on our internal processes below.

What's the status of my service request?

There are several ways to locate the status of your request.

  • Check On-line
  • Visit and login with your Active Directory credentials
  • Please note that DUO is required to login to our ServiceNow

  • Search your UCSD Email inbox
  • Search your inbox for messages from UCSD Health Service Management (
  • As we update your service requests, you will automatically get email notifications of said updates
  • If you know your specific Incident, Request or SCTASK number, you can search for that specifically
  • Call 3Help (619) 543-4357
  • If you are unable to check your status with the above 2 options, please call us and ask for an update!

  • Visual aid to our workflow:

Why is my service request taking so long?

A bulk of service delay happen when communication breaks down. One missed email or phone call could cause significant time delays in service delivery. 

Avoid Service Delays

  • Check your inbox for missed messages from UCSD Health Service Management (
  • Ensure you offer a direct phone number so we can contact you directly in case we need to communicate with you directly

How to Get Support

Choose an option to get the help you need from our IS Team!

  1. Call our Service Desk
  2. (619) 543-4357
  3. Available 24/7/365
  4. Best option for immediate support

  5. Email Service Desk
  7. Available 24/7/365
  8. 24 hour response turnover time
  9. Remember to include a current direct contact in case we need clarification
  10. It is recommended that you do not use this option for immediate support needs

  11. Self-Service Ticketing
  12. Visit our on-line portal at
  13. Submit:
  14. Requests
  15. Differs from Incidents in that these are asks. e.g. "I need a printer," "I need a Group Email," "I need a consult for purchasing a device"
  16. Remember to include a current direct contact in case we need clarification

  17. Incidents
  18. Differs from Requests in that these are brake-fix scenarios. e.g. "My computer crashed," "I can't login to my computer," "I have no network connection"
  19. Remember to include a current direct contact in case we need clarification

  20. It is recommended that you do not use this option for immediate support needs

Un-managed Device Support Department Policy

Information Services cannot support personally purchased computers and software. However, users that work with unmanaged devices and that make use of work furnished tools receive best effort support.  Examples of work furnished tools include: Work Email, O365, End Note, and Acrobat Pro. In general, un-managed device support is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes. If there are challenges with a software tool that we have furnished, we will escalate to the appropriate team for support. If there is an issue with compatibility between your system and our software, we will inform you so that you can arrange for 3rd party support. We apologize but Information Services cannot make changes to the configuration of your personal device.

Managed Device Procurement for Professional Schools

Information Services Recommendation

Information Services highly recommends that you go through the IS Equipment Catalog to address your computing needs. To see our list of standard hardware please visit our Equipment Catalog in ServiceNow here (note that ServiceNow requires AD login). Please visit our ITSS web page here to visit our expanded hardware list.

Method of Payments

If you wish to buy a device that qualifies for full IS support, please ensure purchase Apple devices using University funds only (please see the next item for details). If you are purchasing Windows devices and want them professionally managed by Information Services, please purchase through our Equipment Catalog (link above). 

Please refrain from making any purchase using a mix of personal funds and University funds.

The IS Equipment Catalog only accepts a chart string index as a method of payment.

What about 3rd party Vendors like Microsoft, Apple, BestBuy etc?

Regarding Apple devices specifically, visit our News site regarding our new opt-in approach to managed macOS devices.

The IS Equipment Catalog nor the Bookstore Offers What I Need

Information Services is confident that our wide range of offerings will cover most of the basic needs of standard and advanced computer users. For those who have different needs than our current offerings, we are pleased to inform you that the IS Equipment Catalog has a section for non-standard device orders. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will furnish a quote so that your device can remain managed by Information services.

I don't know what to buy

If you need help deciding on a device, please feel free to submit a General Request asking for a consult and a member of Field Services will be glad to discuss the options available to you.