​​​Online Meeting Scenarios


Product Suggested

I want users to be able to call-in to a meeting with a phoneZoom
​I want to record an online meeting directly to the cloud and only share the video with UCSD employees​Teams
I want to record an online meeting without using the cloudZoom
​I want to record an online meeting and share it with non-UCSD employees​Zoom
I want to provide live auto-generated captions for my meetingsTeams
​I want to hold an online meeting where PHI is shared​Zoom

Online Meeting Product Comparison


MS Teams​


Cost​Included in O365 for all HS IS users​Additional cost for PRO users, Add-ons - webinar, large meeting > 300. Basic users free
​Able to invite users outside of organization​Yes​Yes
​Dial In to a Meeting​No​Yes, US regional and other country exchanges available but has toll charge to caller
​Join/Schedule meetings on Web and Desktop clients​Yes​Yes
​Desktop clients for MAC, PC, and Smart Phones​Yes​Yes
​Integrates with OWA calendar and MS OUTLOOK​Yes​Yes
​HIPAA compliant​Yes​Yes
​Can record meetings?​Yes, to cloud. This video is not viewable by anyone outside of org and does not record notes or chats. Live Event: Only available for 180 days after live event.​Yes, local rec. Includes screensharing,  up to 4 video streams, needs to be uploaded to streaming server for viewing by others, and does not record notes, chats, or QA
​Integrated Chat ​YesYes, only with Zoom instance domain
​Reporting attendee and registration​Downloadable file only during meeting. No registrations.​Yes but with qualifier on HIPAA compliance. Webinar registration and attendee reports are fully populated as well as Q & A report.
​Max default meeting participants​250​300 for PRO, 100 for basic
​Max number of teams accounts​Based on Microsoft Licensing​Unlimited free basic and unlimited paid pro. Currently have 23K+ ZOOM users.
​Guest Access​Available​Unlimited
​Webinar​Live streamable to 10,000 attendees, 1 host per webinar but not able to add attendee to stage. Attendees can participate in Q&A. For further info see link below.UCHealth subscribes to  100, 500, 3000 user and is live streamable. Attendees can participate in Q&A.
​H.323/SIP client connection (Cisco/Polycom codec).​No​Yes, UCHEALTH has license.
​Account management​Integrated with AD. Creating and sunsetting accounts integrated.​Can be integrated with AD/SSO but only has its own account management. Requires more hands on account management tool for adding and deleting accounts.