User Access & Security

​User Access & Security is a system for securly initiating, storing and managing user identities and access permissions. This systems ensures that users are who they say they are (authentication) and that they can access the applications and resources they have permission to use (authorization). 

Features: With infrastructure security at the forefront, we provision access to newly onboarded/offboarding employees in a systematic and organized fashion. We can help you automate provisioning access to newly implemented software packages and services driven by policy in order to help you with licensing and avoid incurring unnecessary costs. This is the right service you would use should you need to create Active Directory profiles, email and the "K" Drive. Additionally, User Security & Access is a large portion of the New Employee Orientation program. Any questions regarding NEO can be forwarded here. 

Service Owner: Monica Hansen, Manager

Request Process: Managers and supervisors can request access or to remove access by submitting our easy to use forms. Once the form is received, we process in the order it is received. If the matter is urgent, please fill out the form, take note of the request number (REQ########), call our Service Desk and let them know the matter is urgent. .  

How do I user the service?
You are always welcome to call the Service Desk for assistance. For faster service, please visit our self-service portal at, select "Create a Request," then select "IS Access." If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please use the General Request form.