Research Enablement

​We offer tools to support your largest and most complex research program and projects. 

Features: Information Services offers expert staff to help get you the hardware and software you need to do your best work. We have developed key business relationships to get you cutting edge tools at competative prices such as Adobe, Microsoft, Qualtrics and Zoom products and services. Please visit our request catalog, located at, to submit your inquiry today! 
In addition to offering enterprise level licensing software, we offer powerful compute and storage solutions for your most complex and  resource intensive projects. Our compute and storage solutiong include Cloud Computing (Amazon Web Services), Network File Storage (using Distributed File System technology), Virtual Server Hosting, Databse Hosting, Web Hosting and much more!
Need help with project management? We have a highly skilled Technical Project Management Team at the ready!

Service Owner: Various

Request Process: Submit your request via our online portal at

How do I use the service?
Navigate online to, locate the appropriate form, fill it out and we will reach out to you! If you don’t find a form that fits your critera, please feel free to use the General Serice Request form.