O365 Campus to Health Migration Schedule

​This is a notification to inform you that we will begin migrating Microsoft Teams groups from accounts at UC San Diego campus to your UC San Diego Health account in the next week. Please note: if you are the owner of more than one Teams site, you may receive additional notifications when those additional Teams sites are migrated.

The Microsoft Teams migration is part of our ongoing implementation of the Microsoft O365 suite of solutions for UC San Diego Health users. Moving team members to the Health tenant provides additional security measures and more flexible access to your information. It is important to note that O365 users can only exist on either the Health or campus tenant, not both.

What does this mean for your Microsoft Teams groups?   

  • You will notice a new Team groups in your Health Microsoft Teams app/website.   
  • Your Campus Microsoft Teams groups and data (@ucsd.edu account) will be migrated to your Health Microsoft Teams account (@health.ucsd.edu).
  • Your Campus Microsoft Team(s) will be in an archive state, which means it is in a Read-only mode. You will still be able to view it, but will not be able to make any changes.

Once the migration process starts, we recommend the following: 

For other questions please visit our FAQs:

If you experience issues, contact the Health Service Desk: Call 619-543-HELP (x34357) or submit a ticket at 3HELP.ucsd.edu