Health Sciences: G Suite for Education

​Getting G Suite (PDF)

To be issued a Health Sciences G Suite account, please submit a General Request on our self-service web page and indicate you wish to have an account issued to you. The Short Description should simply read, "G Suite Access Request." Because of the way the back end process functions, each individual will need to submit their own request. Submitting one form with multiple names will result in its rejection. You may also call in your request to the Service Desk at (619) 543-4357 (x34357). 

Example of the form filled out:

Once your request has been received by the Service Desk, they will enter your information in DocuSign which automatically generates the attestation form which is subsequently sent to you for review and signature. Your signed attestation is forwarded to the User Access & Security team who will furnish your account. 


The back end process includes an attestation that every individual must agree to in order to be granted their Health Sciences G Suite account.  The basic understanding of the attestation is this: Health Sciences will issue you a G Suite account provided you agree to not store any PHI/PII (Protected Health Information / Personally Identifiable Information) on the G Suite cloud. 

How do I login?

Once your account has been issued, please go to and ensure you login using your account. 


2.       Redirect to the Single Sign-On Page

3.       Successful login

Included G Suite Apps

  • Classroom
  • Docs
  • Drive (unlimited per user storage space)                                               
  • Hangouts
  • Sheets
  • Sites
  • Slides